What do you think of our shiny new look? All the pups you see in this picture are our actual pets! Once content to stay at home and sleep, they now relish in their newfound celebrity status as the real stars of Classy Canines.




Madge joined the family in early 2018. She was a former client until her owner moved to Florida and couldn’t bring her along, so we adopted her. As the pink-bowed girly-girl of the family, Michele spoils Madge no end and she – of course – just laps it all up.




Jamie is the Grand Old Man of the group. Adopted in 2007 as “Ethan”, a rescue pup, he took to the new name “Jamie” quickly enough and just fell right in with our other dogs. Being half-Beagle, he barks lustily at deer, fox, and other animals crossing through our backyard. His only claim to fame is being able to catch a cookie in his mouth at five paces. Getting gray around the face, but deep down he’s still a puppy.




Milo came to us in 2011, also as a rescue. He’s mostly Maltese with a touch of Chihuahua, and is the most animated of the pack, frantically spinning counter-clockwise before meals, walks and cookie breaks. He is affectionate, licks anything and everything, and tries his best every night to push husband Alan out of bed so he can have it all to himself next to Michele.

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My service area is based in West Springfield, encompassing approximately a seven mile radius of the Rolling Rd and Old Keene Mill Rd intersection. I service the towns of Springfield, Burke, and into Kingstowne. Limited parts of Fairfax (Kings Park West) and Fairfax Station (abutting Fairfax County Parkway).

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