Our Logo

Our logo is more than just a trio of cute cartoon canines. All the pups you see here are special to us and represent real pets we’ve had throughout the years.

Milo joined the family in 2011 as a rescue. Mostly Maltese with a touch of Chihuahua, Milo could be happy and affectionate, loved his walks and cookie breaks, and went everywhere Michele would go … even out on the water, paddleboarding! Clients were tickled to see Milo riding in the van along with Michele on appointments every day. A family favorite for a good eight years, Milo went over the (Rainbow Bridge) in November 2019.

Madge was a former client that we adopted from her previous owner in early 2018, when she was already 13 years old. It turns out she had some good years left in her, and spent them with us excitedly visiting the Outer Banks and Williamsburg. Madge was the pink-bowed girly-girl of the group who relished being spoiled, and after a fun and love-filled life she went over the Rainbow Bridge in April 2021.

Jamie is the Grand Old Man of the group. Adopted in 2007 as “Ethan”, a rescue pup, he quickly fell right in with our other dogs. Being half-Beagle, he barks lustily at deer, fox, and other animals crossing through our backyard. His only claim to fame is being able to catch a cookie in his mouth at five paces. He’s now quite gray around the face, but deep down he’s still a puppy.

Milo’s “stunt double” Teddy joined us in December 2019, from Boynton Beach, Florida. He formerly belonged to Michele’s Dad, who found more than one dog to be more than he could handle. Teddy is a Bichon/Shih Tzu who enjoys long walks, loud squeaky-toys, and tormenting older brother Jamie in a good-natured way.