Never Happier!

My dog has never been happier…comes back clean and calm.

Michael LT

My Murphy

Murphy looked like a different dog. Cute as could be. Best pedicure ever.

Nilza C.

So glad I found Classy Canines!

I started service with Classy Canines after my poodle/pomeranian mix was told not to come back to the grooming salon due to behavioral issues. Classy Canines was highly recommended to me by another mobile pet groomer. I was a bit nervous about how my one dog would do in a grooming van, but decided to give it a try.
I am so glad I did. Michele is amazing with dogs and their owners. She quickly made friends with both of my dogs and my “misbehaved” poodle/pom mix actually started coming out of the groomer’s van with a perfect cut (before his cuts were uneven due to his struggles with the groomers). My other dog (cairn terrier), who loves being groomed, but hates getting her nails done, also now is much better with nail trims. Michele is patient and really builds a good relationship with her clients.
Michele is very reliable. She always arrives during the scheduled window. She calls or texts the day before the groom to remind her clients of her arrival window and I’ve never known her to be late. Though, I am confident that if she was to run late that she would communicate that to her clients.
Classy Canines provides a high value groom for the price. I am always happy with the groom and I appreciate how caring Michele is with my dogs. If you are in the Springfield/Fairfax/Burke service area you will be very pleased with the service you receive.

Kelly D.

So glad I found Classy Canines!

Having a small (7 pounds) geriatric Cockapoo who no longer sees so well and is easily frightened by unfamiliar sounds, it’s comforting to know she doesn’t have to spend hours in a crate among other barking dogs while waiting to be groomed. Besides, Michele knows our preferences and Chutney’s idiosyncracies. We are happy to entrust our old girl to Michele’s tender loving care.

Diane K.

Three Rescued Schnauzers Love Their Spa Days

We are very fortunate to be parents of three miniature schnauzers: Ticie (14 years old), Christie (12 years old) and Madison (3 years old). We adopted all three of them who we rescued. We also feel very fortunate to have Michele with Classy Canines take care of them and provide with their Spa day. Usually Michele just comes and takes care of them while we are at work, which makes it so easy and convenient not just for us but especially for our “girls” as they have the benefit of being home and not in a crate for many hours. I have been home on a couple of the appointments and have witness how Michele treats our “girls” and how they love to see her. It is very important to us to know they are being treated with the utmost love, tender and care and Michele provides just that. In addition, Michele is very organized, punctual and professional.

Ouzana M.

Special Dogs Get Special Treatment

I am a dog lover in Springfield and have been with Classy Canines for years. I first started because my little Shih Tzu was very old, and frail. I saw Michele’s card at my vet’s office, called her, and my dogs have been pampered ever since. Howie is no longer with me and my “puppy” Siouxie is now an older dog. My latest rescue dog, Gracie, is a handful, to say the least. I am her third owner, because she can be aggressive. But Michele comes to my house and patiently and gently grooms them both into the beauties they are meant to be. In fact, my neighbor now has her adopted Shih Tzu, Siopao, groomed by Michele as well!

Dianne M.

Milo Loves His Snazzy Bandanas

Our pup Milo loves when Michele comes over to groom him. She is a true dog lover and does a great job with him. He consistently looks perfectly groomed every time and runs into the house wearing a snazzy new bandana after every visit! She is professional, organized and reliable, and always greets Milo with a smile. We are so glad we found her!

Erika H.